o what you love, they say, Love what you do. 


We'd love to find out.

We, at Moltan Soul, would love to Know.

Don’t get us wrong, Love is running the show. But we don’t notice it. We don’t know it. We’re almost embarrassed by it. By how simple and easy it is. We think there are right things to love and be—and we’re embarrassed when we love what doesn’t fit.

Here, at Moltan Soul, we know Love is a kind of essence that keeps you going. It’s just like the blood that’s always pumping. It Fuels your hiccups as well as your heartbeat, your literal heartbeat, and it’s the metaphor for the pulse and footsteps and drumbeats that guide you. Love is that intrinsic and essential even though you’ve been trained to forget your heartbeat, to not even notice it.

Love resides in the things you Notice when you’re allowed to move beyond what you’ve been told to Notice. When you’re allowed to dwell in what actually compels your attention, your love.

What if your Brand (this marketing beacon that’s required—we’re told it’s required) arose from what you Notice.

From Who you Really Are. From the Love that is you. Instead of the Love you’ve been Allowed or Given or Told About or the Love you mold in order to be accepted? 

In a way, the story of the world, and not just the world marketplace, is a story told through Brands (quick signposts) infused with meaning and story. Symbols. Icons infused with meaning.

At Moltan Soul, we believe that your Brand (your symbol) is an integral part of rewriting your own story and collectively in shifting the story of the world to one that aligns with a Love that should be available to all. Not just a few. That is: to love what you do.

Our Love, which is uniquely tied to our soul, our unique essence, who we are, gets buried. It’s pressed beneath. Hidden. Devalued. Pushed away.

Especially when it comes to our careers, professions and jobs. Loving your job is good work—you can get it, but it’s not what we value, what we have valued in success.

Love is so pushed aside that often we don’t even know it when we feel it. 

What if we could actually Be Who We Are in the World? You Can. And you can live with the consequences because being yourself, being LOVE, is deeply, deeply powerful

And by the way, We can and do love things that seem unlovable. Because Love entangles with problems, desires, lacks, and grievances. It’s a gum drop and a poison. We love what we notice. We are drawn to those things that we want to change—what we may really love is the changed form. But we also love the problem and the process that gets us to the change. It’s all love.

Your personal brand or the brand of your product and service is a deep key that goes beyond a simple capitalist edict or an unexamined drive for success. 

Your brand can be a signifier of communication that doesn’t cut through the marketplace. It undoes the normal structures of a “market” of competition and creates a market for connections of love. 


Which is really a way of noticing the world that connects to your Brand by becoming a way of also being Noticed in the world. 



It isn’t just about a new world order of marketing as generous sharing of one’s personal gifts. It’s a mode of interacting that brings the True Authentic Self to the surface and allows it’s recognition through a shorthand based on who you really are, what you really notice. 

Molly and Tania collaborated and discovered that when they each used their unique gifts they were able to create methods that produced an authentic and moving Brand process.

And they developed techniques they wanted to share with the world.


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